Web Content

Writing for the web is not about throwing words at a screen and hoping for the best.

It’s about telling a story, drawing people in, arousing their interest, and sparking their curiosity.

It’s about achieving the correct tone, writing clearly and concisely and, above all, engaging your web visitor.

The skill of the professional content writer is in making even the dullest or most complex material accessible and readable.


It’s about getting straight to the core of your message. Removing the clutter. Smoothing out clunky or potentially confusing prose. Using shorter sentences.

Effective web content rests on five key questions:

– What is the audience you wish to attract?

– What do you want to tell them?

– Are you setting the appropriate tone for that audience?

– After you’ve got their attention, how do you ensure you keep it?

– Do you have a strategy to encourage them to revisit your site?

Also bear this in mind. Content doesn’t always have to be about your product or service.

When you go into a shop, the sales person doesn’t confine the conversation to the bare elements of the commercial transaction. They might also chat about the weather, the football, or (God forbid) the latest twist in Dancing With The Stars.

So occasionally leaven your blog with material that mightn’t be directly relevant, but that you know your visitors will find interesting, entertaining or amusing.

You’re engaging with them. And that engagement is key to your online success.

Blogs are important. Regular new content greatly boosts your online visibility and makes it easier for search engines to find you.

But who wants the bother and pressure of sitting down and writing a new blog every week or two – especially if you have a business to run?


I bring more than 40 years experience in front-line national newspaper journalism, corporate communications and freelance writing.

As a content provider, I provide a dual service to clients.  I can supply WORDS AND IMAGES tailored to the client’s  individual requirements.

You tell me what you want to say and I’ll write it crisply and concisely. Better still, I can rework and present your blog content in a way that keeps it looking new and fresh every time.

For information, advice and pricing options, please contact:  info@williedillon.ie