Red Cottage, Beara Peninsula

Vibrantly painted houses are a common feature adding an extra dash of colour to the already dramatic Irish landscape. This is most often seen in the south west of the country where nature is built on a grand scale. This image comes from the Beara Peninsula where the counties of Cork and Kerry meet in a truly glorious combination of …

Terminal 2, Dublin Airport

Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport resembles a massive alien space craft in this long-exposure night image which also captures the light trails of cars on the road which runs directly beneath this very 21st century Irish building. Photo for daa (Dublin Airport Authority)

Covid Tulips

Covid has dominated our year. But the sun still shines and beauty still flourishes in flower beds and gardens all over the world. Those of us who can enjoy small pleasures such as this are indeed among the most fortunate ones.

Red Poppies

Flowers are wonderful photographic subjects – and not just because of their great beauty. Unlike humans, they are always available. They don’t have busy timetables and so usually require no prior notice. And some of the most photogenic ones I know – like the one above – grow in my own garden. Therefore, no travelling. It’s a wonderfully convenient arrangement.