Tom Mathews, Artist, Poet, Writer

I’ve been a fan of Tom Mathews for probably forty years since his brilliantly droll cartoons began appearing in magazines and newspapers. Until recently. however, I didn’t realise that he’s also a singer – well, of sorts. This image was shot at one of Paddy Goodwin’s legendary Drogheda gigs which, over the years, have featured a veritable hall-of-fame of Irish rock …


Eoin Murphy and Ruairi Stewart, of the Northern band Cuig on the Fleadh TV stage at the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda. For non-Irish speakers, Cuig means five……which, you’ve guessed correctly, happens to be the number of members in the group. Many people will know them from their song Carry On which they performed on the Aer Lingus video for …

In The Zone

Singer Hughie Friel pauses for a brief moment of reflection at a celebration of the music of The Atrix at the Sugar Club in Dublin. On the cusp of the 1980s, The Atrix was one of the Irish bands deemed most likely to achieve international success. Unfortunately it was not to be. Forty years on, however, they are still fondly …

Honami Kimura, Accordionist

In truth, it’s a rare thing to see an accordion player from Japan performing Irish music on an Irish street of a Sunday afternoon. But here she is – Honami Kimura with fellow members of the Toyotaro Ceili Band.

A Trio of Banjos

Kieran Hanrahan with fellow banjo players Muireann Banks and Theresa O’Grady.