Eoin Murphy and Ruairi Stewart, of the Northern band Cuig on the Fleadh TV stage at the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda. For non-Irish speakers, Cuig means five……which, you’ve guessed correctly, happens to be the number of members in the group. Many people will know them from their song Carry On which they performed on the Aer Lingus video for …

Honami Kimura, Accordionist

In truth, it’s a rare thing to see an accordion player from Japan performing Irish music on an Irish street of a Sunday afternoon. But here she is – Honami Kimura with fellow members of the Toyotaro Ceili Band.

A Trio of Banjos

Kieran Hanrahan with fellow banjo players Muireann Banks and Theresa O’Grady.

Toyotaro Ceili Band

Proof that Irish music truly has a global reach – the Toyotaro Ceili Band from Tokyo making it happen at the 2018 Fleadh Cheoil.

Caitlin McDermot, Dancer

Caitlin McDermot from Monaghan briefly takes to the air as she performs with a group of young musicians and a large audience at a relaxed Sunday afternoon session on the steps of St Peter’s Church. #FleadhDrogheda