Icarus Was A Seagull

Fog can be magical, mysterious, atmospheric and sometimes eerie. This heavy November sea fog sweeping in from the Irish Sea at Bettystown completely filtered out the sun’s rays, revealing it as a perfect sphere.. The seagulls restlessly flapping about on the roof of the nearby supermarket building added the poetry. Fog can be wonderful.

Healy Pass, Beara Peninsula

Religion is no longer the social force it once was in Ireland. But remnants of the country’s once dominant Catholic heritage can still be seen on some Irish roadsides. None is more spectacularly located than the crucifixion scene at the 300m summit of the Healy Pass on the border between counties Cork and Kerry. Take the winding R574 mountain road …

Toormore Dolmen #1

The ancient stones of Toormore Dolmen are dramatically lit by the last rays of the setting sun out over the Atlantic horizon. While the world changed and empires rose and fell, this timeless scene has remained unchanged for around 4,500 years. The construction you see here is an altar wedge tomb which overlooks the beautiful Toormore Bay in West Cork. …

Boyne Viaduct, Drogheda

The town of Drogheda has many notable historical landmarks, of which the Boyne Viaduct with its fifteen stone arches is a relatively recent arrival. Construction began in 1853 and lasted some two years. At the time, it was only the seventh bridge of its kind in the world. The Viaduct carries the main Dublin-Belfast railway line. Prior to its opening, …

Classiebawn Castle #2

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Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland

This image comes from the city of Katowice in southern Poland, formerly a major coal mining centre. The miners are long gone and the location has been transformed into a memorial to an industry that dominated the region for almost two centuries. This is part of the Silesian Museum, now a major visitor attraction, located just a stone’s throw from …

Monochrome Building & Sky

A great photograph doesn’t have to be filled with complex detail. Sometimes, the less said, the better.