Icarus Was A Seagull

Fog can be magical, mysterious, atmospheric and sometimes eerie. This heavy November sea fog sweeping in from the Irish Sea at Bettystown completely filtered out the sun’s rays, revealing it as a perfect sphere.. The seagulls restlessly flapping about on the roof of the nearby supermarket building added the poetry. Fog can be wonderful.

Bettystown Beach, Summer 2020

The coastline of County Meath is just seven miles long – but it is unique in being almost entirely beach. People in the adjoining villages of Laytown, Bettystown and Mornington share this wonderful shoreline with many thousands of visitors throughout the year. But 2020 has been different – and not just because of Covid19. This year, following much local debate, …

April Sunrise, Irish Sea

A truly spectacular sunrise over the Irish Sea photographed from the promenade at Laytown. It was 6.28am, a time of day to which I usually have a natural aversion. But it’s worth making the effort sometimes. In fact, because of the Covid travel restrictions, there was almost nobody else around to witness it. (I should point out, lest there be …

Wave Up To The Shore #1

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. “Like a wave up to the shore. Like a river into the sea” – Luka Bloom (song lyric). This image was shot in late December at Bettystown Beach, County Meath, with a backdrop of the glorious …

No Cars Beyond This Point

Self-explanatory, really, this one. If the beach is disappearing beneath a surging storm tide, it’s probably best not to drive your car past the sign.

Beach Haus, Bettystown

Commanding one of the finest views over Bettystown beach is this striking architectural creation. It’s fair to say that the Beach Haus – so called because of its echoes of the Bauhaus style of design – divides local opinion. There are some who feel it is entirely out of character for the area. And there are others who love the …

Covid Tulips

Covid has dominated our year. But the sun still shines and beauty still flourishes in flower beds and gardens all over the world. Those of us who can enjoy small pleasures such as this are indeed among the most fortunate ones.