Five Finger Strand

The Five Finger Strand is a very odd name for one of the most striking and remote beaches in all of Ireland. You’ll find it close to the uppermost northern tip of the country on the Inishowen Peninsula and just a few miles from Malin Head. Unusual place names are far from unusual in Ireland. Most of them are the …

Bettystown Beach, Summer 2021

Bettystown Beach has never looked as good since cars were banned last year. This image is the best argument ever for making that ban permanent. Now all we need is a dependable supply of good warm sunshine to ensure that our beach visitors can enjoy many more days like this one.

No Cars Beyond This Point

Self-explanatory, really, this one. If the beach is disappearing beneath a surging storm tide, it’s probably best not to drive your car past the sign. The good news is that since this image was made, traffic has been permanently banned from Bettystown Beach. And this sign has been consigned to the local authority bin.