Chupi Sweetman, Jewellery Designer

Chupi needs no introduction to lovers of finely-crafted modern jewellery in Ireland and around the world. As one of Ireland’s most successful jewellery designers, she creates precious handmade rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for fashion-conscious customers in no fewer than 64 countries. Chupi – and yes, that is her real name – says her work is the result of being …

Tom Mathews, Artist, Poet, Writer

I’ve been a fan of Tom Mathews for probably forty years since his brilliantly droll cartoons began appearing in magazines and newspapers. Until recently. however, I didn’t realise that he’s also a singer – well, of sorts. This image was shot at one of Paddy Goodwin’s legendary Drogheda gigs which, over the years, have featured a veritable hall-of-fame of Irish rock …

Emma Barone, Artist

Emma Barone is an Irish visual artist based in Birr, Co. Offaly. She is best known for her highly distinctive colour paintings. Her work is frequently inspired by abstract shapes from the natural world and another favourite recurring theme – vividly imagined ladies shoes.  

Camille O’Sullivan

Singer Camille O’Sullivan photographed for the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

Maman, Louise Bourgeois

It’s entirely appropriate that Maman – by the splendidly named French-American artist Louise Bourgeois – sits alongside Frank Ghery’s singular Guggenheim Building in Bilbao. They could have been made for each other. Arguably the pairing looks at its best at night time. The monstrous sprawling bronze spider, measuring some 30 feet high by 33 feet wide, is one of the …

Brian O’Loughlin – Passage

I never tire of seeing this magnificent sculptural landmark as I drive west along the M6 motorway between Dublin and Galway. (Prior to the Covid lockdown, of course!) ‘Passage’ by Brian O’Loughlin comprises six ten metre high pieces made primarily from bog oak taken from the very ground on which it stands in the heart of the Irish midlands.

Nothing Left To Say

I came across this glum-looking pair in a quiet corner of the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Clearly the sparkle has faded from their relationship, probably a long time ago. Conversation a distant memory. Small wonder with her in mournful Victorian crinolines and him brazenly kitted out in his birthday suit. They’re not, to put it mildly, an obvious match. I …

Stormy Voyager

Linda Brunker’s ‘Voyager’ has stood up to all kinds of weather on the seafront at Laytown, County Meath. What’s one more storm?