Opera House Dreamscape

The lone couple walking past Australia’s most iconic building appear to be making their way through an intense light-filled dream. And the heat was indeed intense on the sweltering January day when most other people opted for the relative cool beneath the eaves and awnings of Sydney Opera House. The Opera House is one of those buildings that pulls in visitors …

Gehry Building, Sydney

This distinctive building is part of a larger complex which has been described as the architectural equivalent of “a most beautiful squashed brown paper bag.” It is in fact a section of the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, the first building in Australia designed by – who else – the great Canadian American architect, Frank Gehry. This remarkable creation is …

Sydney Wide Angle

From a long-distant visit to Sydney. The lead-in lines are just savage! The light isn’t bad either. Will we ever see Sydney again? Not for the foreseeable future anyway. This is from the city’s Central Business District (CBD).

Australia Square, Sydney

Australia Square Tower, completed in 1967, was Sydney’s first skyscraper. For the next nine years it remained the city’s tallest building, at 170 metres. On the 47th of its 50 floors, the building houses the city’s renowned revolving restaurant and bar. Stay there long enough – if you’re appropriately dressed and can afford the prices – and it feels like the city is …

Sydney Sofitel Wentworth

The sun’s angle on a warm January morning transformed this modern luxury hotel building in central Sydney into a dark brooding presence.