Willie Dillon
Photographer, journalist, husband, father, besotted grandfather, Irish, used to be indecisive but now I’m not sure. Trees, music, the visual arts, literature, blue skies, monochrome skies, still aged 30 (in some mythical universe far, far away, where I also have a full head of jet black hair), still making it all up. REM, Radiohead, Rory Gallagher (and they’re just the Rs), jazz, modern architecture, jigs and reels, West Clare, Donegal, Achill, Kerry, the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Joyce, Steinbeck, McGahern, DeLillo, Richard Ford, Flann O’Brien, Woody Allen when he was still funny, Gaudi, Gehry.

I have been making original photographic images for almost thirty years, initially as a personal creative outlet and for the past ten years commercially.

As a journalist, I have extensive and wide-ranging national newspaper experience and subsequently in corporate communications over a period of forty years.

So what are you going to find here?

Pictures and words. We use them to inform, share, communicate, entertain, and often just for the sheer pleasure of lighting up our world.

My commercial and fine art prints range from portraits, landscapes, modern architecture and what I like to call floral fantasies – all driven by a passion for photography and the wider visual arts.

So, a strong original image to hang on your wall. How often you thought of getting something really nice to fill that annoying blank space behind the couch?
A striking landscape evoking fuzzy memories of holidays in the west of Ireland?
A colourful riot of floral beauty, potentially shot in your very own garden?

As a WEB CONTENT provider, I bring many years of front-line experience in a variety of prominent editorial roles with Ireland’s best-selling daily newspaper, the Irish Independent.
You tell me what you want to say and I’ll relay it crisply and concisely to your target audience. Better still, I can rework and present your blog content in a way that keeps it looking new and fresh every time.